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These guidelines will change from time to time, so please re-visit occasionally.

What's it all about?

This Forum exists to provide for friendly communication between UK Wingers, or those fortunate UK residents who ride or are interested in Honda GoldWings.

Selected non-UK Wingers are allowed to join too but usually only if they have British connections and don't mind being called Colonials. The Irish are allowed in because they make Guinness and Bushmills.

Sharing ideas, experience and information about GoldWings and riding them is top of the list but any other type of communication is  acceptable too, as long as it's sociable and genuinely friendly.

Above all, be friendly

The key word is therefore friendly; everything else in the way of rules or restriction on this Forum stems from that.

So nothing which is in any way unfriendly or discourteous should ever appear here.

A bit of friendly teasing is perfectly OK because by definition it is  friendly.  But anything with a nasty edge to it or which seems to have  an intent to be hurtful or scathing isn’t.   A personal attack in a post  would be seen as very unfriendly.

There are plenty of places to be aggressive or belligerent on the  internet but this isn’t one of them.  If you want to put forward an  alternative idea or opinion on this Forum you must do so in a friendly  and courteous way or not at all.

So it's all about being friendly - it's as simple as that.

Pause before you Post 

When you are speaking directly to someone they can see the smile on your  face or the twinkle in your eye which tells them you are only kidding,  even if your words alone would suggest otherwise.  Posts on forums can  be much more easily misunderstood and can therefore easily cause  unintended offence.

It’s no excuse that you didn’t intend to hurt if you didn’t even pause  to think.  It’s better (and easier) to consider if your words could be  taken the wrong way before you post than to have to apologise  afterwards.

Politics? Religion? Current affairs?

This is a social forum rather than a debating society, so in general it  will be best to steer clear of contentious subjects, especially bike  club politics. 

There’s no hard and fast rule, so as long as it’s all  nice and friendly there’s no harm in topical information or comment. Â  But no riding of hobby horses or soap box rants please; this is a place  for the enjoyment of friendship rather than preaching or pontificating.

Advertise considerately 

Nor would it be friendly to use this sociable forum (or any information  drawn from it) for commercial or exploitive purposes - or even to try to encourage other users to join your club in any pushy way. 

This is a place for Wingers to meet and express themselves as   individuals rather than as advocates or representatives of something.

You may of course suggest a  source or a supplier as a way of trying to help another user to solve a  particular GoldWing problem.  Likewise announcements about a biking meet or an event.  Including a link to something relevant to a post is OK too.  That's what this Forum is for.

But please don't keep plugging anything or including lots of links, or to try to promote or  advertise anything inappropriately, even if it’s not for your own  financial or other personal benefit.

Including the URL of your own or your club's website in your  personal Forum Profile is welcome and it's OK to post a link to specific parts of it when relevant  to a post - but please don’t keep plugging it, for example by including links in your signature text.

Same applies to mentioning your GoldWing club or other  affiliation in other ways.  Occasionally when relevant to the Thread is fine but doing so every chance you get is obtrusive and therefore unfriendly.

Same applies to your Avatar; don't use it to plug anything, except perhaps a worthy cause.  If in doubt ask.  It's friendlier to ask than to try it on.

Keep it clean


Potentially offensive language must also be avoided; it's not friendly.

No need to be  puritan or ultra politically correct about it but this is a  family-friendly forum, so it's no place for using swear words, telling  dirty jokes or displays of nudity or offensive images.  No half measures  of this so no swearing at all please, not even in disguised form.

On a practical level:
  • Only one account per person.
  • Usernames may be comical or eccentric but should not be offensive in any way.
  • Avoid using CAPITALS TO EMPHASISE WHAT YOU MEAN, it's like shouting, so only do it when you really mean to shout

  • Try to resist getting carried away using multiple emoticons or  exclamation marks for similar reasons; one is usually enough to make the  point.
  • Using DiStoRTed text and kool@talk makes your post more difficult to read.

  • Avatars should be no bigger than 128X128 pixels.

Help is available


If you need more guidance please ask by Clicking Here.  

Moderating Action

A forum can only stay friendly if unfriendliness is carefully avoided and, when necessary, nipped in the bud, so we have a Forum Moderator.

Unfriendly or borderline posts may be edited or removed.  This is done primarily to give the author an opportunity to  think again.  It doesn’t necessarily mean anything more than that.  If  it does, you’ll be told.

The Forum Moderator is, like a rugby referee, always right, even when  he’s wrong.

So there's little point in demanding an explanation or  arguing the toss if one of your posts gets pulled or edited.  It’s not  necessarily any sort of criticism of you personally if this happens. Please just take the hint and move on. 

You may be offered an  explanation in a personal message but you should never expect one.  Try to work out for yourself why your post looked to  be unfriendly in some way and try to make it more obviously friendly next time.


This Forum is above all a place where you and other Wingers, and your  families too if they are interested, should be able to find common  interests and to develop and enjoy friendships with other Wingers.  It’s  a place to meet new friends as well as to communicate with old ones. 

Above all it's a friendly place, so please help us keep it that way.

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